John Howe Turkeys
John Howe Turkeys
John Howe turkeys are locally produced in Tenterden, Kent. Their Free range white and bronze turkeys will be a show stopper at your Christmas table. Their ethos is that all their birds, both white and bronze, are free range and roam the grassy paddocks and meadows of their small family run farm. Birds that are happy and have access to covered yards, clean straw bedding, food and water means that ultimately their meat will be more tender and succulent. Their birds are slow growing, old fashioned breeds, reared to full maturity and fed on a natural, cereal based diet, free from antibiotics and growth promoters.


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Jewkes & Dalby are based in Smithfield and hold a valuable status of Red Tractor and farm Assured approval for carcass beef.


Curd & Cure (Corp)


Established in 1988 they are an independent family run food wholesale company based in kent.  They specialise in suppling us with high quality level of cheeses.

What We Do
Here at Kent Chilli Farm near Dartford, we grow chillies from around the world. From America to Europe to Australia.
In all, over 50 varieties and 3000 plants. From the plain to the insane, from the prettiest to the meanest!
All our plants are grown from seed in our propagation house without pesticides or artificial fertilisers.
The environment and a wholly ethical approach to business play a huge part at Kent Chilli Farm.
Alongside the sale of our plants, we produce a range of our own fresh and dried chillies along with chilli
powders and chilli sauces jams and chutneys that are made by hand using our own chillies.


Butcher Guild

Butchers Q Guild
Heston Blummenthal has judged and awarded Dennis of Bexley with 24 gold awards, including pies, bacon and ready meals. Through the Q guild, which only consits of the most elite butchers.