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Homemade Pies & Ready Meals

From humble beginnings, making and perfecting the recipes for our pies in our home kitchen, we have gone on to win national and international awards and have become renowned for producing traditional quality pies.

Our ready meals are made fresh on the premises by our in house chef. Our recipes have been refined through the years to produce a tasty, homemade meal. Our ready meals are all presented in an oven and microwave proof dish with heating instructions, so nothing could be easier if you lead a busy life or you just fancy a good home cooked meal


Available in store.

Served in oven & microwave proof dishe

Mashed Potato

Creamy Buttery Mashed Potato. £3.35 serves 2-3 people

Mashed potato with Wholegrain mustard

Creamy mashed Potatoes with Wholegrain mustard. £3.35 serves 2-3 people

Dauphinois Potatoes

Sliced potato cooked in a creamy Garlic sauce. £3.35 serves 2-3 people

Roast Potatoes

Roast Potatoes. £3.65 serves 2-3 people

Homemade Lasagna

Homemade Ready Meals

All served in microwave & oven proof containers Please enquire as we have other varieties available in store.

Special Offer Buy Two ready Meals for £14.99

Chicken Ham & Leek bake ( 2-3 people)

Chicken Breast cooked in a creamy sauce with Ham & Leek topped with a wholegrain mash. £8.50

Shepherd's Pie (2-3 portions)

Made with free range minced lamb, topped with mashed potato and finished with mature cheddar. £8.50

Minty Lamb Bake (2-3 portions)

Our award winning minty lamb bake is made with minced lamb and topped with sauté potatoes and finished with mature cheddar. £8.50

Lasagne (2-3 portions)

Made with minced Beef and with our homemade cheese sauce. Award winning £8.50

Cottage Pie (2-3 portions)

Made with minced Beef & Cooked in a rich gravy topped with creamy mashed potato. Award winning £8.50

Italian Chicken Pasta Bake (1-2 portions)

Pasta mixed with an Italian tomato sauce with our free range chicken breast placed on top with mature cheddar £8.50

Spaghetti Bolognaise (1-2 portions)

Minced Beef Cooked in a rich tomato sauce served with Spaghetti £8.50

Creamy Chicken Lasagne (2-3 portions)

Minced Chicken cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce with Asparagus topped with a cheese sauce. £8.50

Beef Bourguignon

Using our beef, our Belgium style bourguignon is made with a creamy sauce with onions and mushrooms £1.80 per 100g

Beef Stroganoff

Made with beef cooked in a rich gravy with peppers & mushrooms £1.80 per 100g

Bombay Chicken Curry

Free range chicken breast cooked in a tangy, fruity, Bombay style curry sauce £1.60 per 100g


Our meatballs are served in a tomato and basil sauce £1.10 per 100g

Chilli Con Carne

Our chilli has been made by our chef’s secret recipe, using minced beef & Kidney beans.

Homemade Pies

All our pies are available in individual or family size

Steak Pudding

Free-range beef cooked in a rich gravy, with onion. encased in a suet pastry. £4.99 each serves 1-2

Steak & Kidney Pudding

Free-range beef & Kidney cooked in a rich gravy, with onion. encased in a suet pastry. £4.99 each serves 1-2


Free-range beef cooked in a rich gravy, with onion. Ind: £3.90 Lg:£9.15

Steak & Kidney

Multiple Awards for South of England! Free-range beef and kidney in a rich gravy Ind: £3.90 Lg:£9.15

Steak & Guinness

Gold Award! Free-range beef, with Guinness in a rich gravy Ind: £3.90 Lg:£9.15

Steak & Mushroom

Free-range beef in a rich gravy, with Mushrooms & fresh onion. Ind: £3.90Lg: £9.15

Steak & Red Wine

Free Range Beef cooked with mixed peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms in a rich red wine gravy Ind: £3.90 Lg: £9.15

Mince Beef & Onion

Free-range minced beef, with onion, in a rich gravy and seasoning Ind: £3.90 Lg: £9.15

Chicken Breast

British chicken breast in a creamy white sauce Ind: £3.90 Lg: £9.15

Chicken & Mushroom

British chicken breast and mushrooms in a creamy white sauce Ind: £3.90 Lg: £9.15

Cheese burger pie

Meat balls ( chicken & pork),onion, American mustard relish, Cheddar cheese, Sesame seeds. Ind: £3.90

Chicken Ham & Leek

British chicken breast Cooked with gammon ham & sliced leeks in a creamy sauce Ind: £3.90 Lg: £9.15

Chicken Curry

Free range British chicken cooked in a Bombay curry sauce with seasoning & Onions Ind: £3.90

Steak & Spitfire

Free Range Beef, cooked in a rich gravy with Spitfire ale Ind: £3.90 Lg: £9.15

Minty Lamb

Gold Award! Minced British free-range lamb, with mixed seasonal vegetables in a mint and gravy sauce Ind: £3.90 Lg; £9.15


Australian kangaroo, in a rich gravy and seasoning Subject to availability


Soft tender venison cooked in a red wine gravy with sliced mushrooms Subject to availability

Gold Award! Soft tender venison with red wine and sliced mushrooms

Enquire in store about our special additions

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"Tasty, succulent and sensational!"

Anthony Worral Thompson Celebrity Chef

"Dennis of Bexley oozes class and quality"

Nigel Bardon BBC Radio London

"Friendly run family business"

Jim Doughterty Jimmy’s Farm

"Dennis provides high quality meat from one of the best farms in Britain"

Clarissa Dickson Wright Two Fat Ladies

"It’s great to see people so passionate about food"

Leslie Walters Celebrity Chef
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