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28 Day Dry Aged T-Bone Steak


During the dry-aging process, moisture is drawn out of the beef and redistributed through the beef. This creates a dense beef flavor with nutty and rich notes. Also, the dry-aging process causes the natural enzymes to break down which makes the beef even more tender. Aging processes can vary anywhere between 14 and 240 days.

Our Dry Aged Beef joints are dry aged for 28 days and come from Great Britain..

Price is per Steak. Approx. weight per steak 500g

"Tasty, succulent and sensational!"

Anthony Worral Thompson Celebrity Chef

"Dennis of Bexley oozes class and quality"

Nigel Bardon BBC Radio London

"Friendly run family business"

Jim Doughterty Jimmy’s Farm

"Dennis provides high quality meat from one of the best farms in Britain"

Clarissa Dickson Wright Two Fat Ladies

"It’s great to see people so passionate about food"

Leslie Walters Celebrity Chef
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